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BF6030 Burgundy Gun Safe

BF6030 Burgundy Gun Safe

Description:UL Certified RSC Burglary Protection. 2 Hour Fire Protection. 2 Steel Body. 1/2 Steel Door. 11 Massive 1.5 Chrome Plated Bolts. Commercial Grade Ball Bearing Hinges. 2 Stage Dual Fire Seals with Silicone Seal on Door Jam. Expandable Polusol seal on Door. UL Listed Group II Lock with Massive Hard Plate. 2 Relocking Devices. Spy Proof, Key Locking Dial. 5 Spoke Handle and Pull Handle. Unique Mirrored Back Wall. Premium Door Organizer. Standard Built in Internal AC Power Port. 4 Pre Cut Anchor Holes. Custom High Gloss Burgundy Paint. Gun Capacity 11-11-22+2 Gun. 26.429 Cubic Inches.

Outside Dimension:
59.25 x 30 x 26

Inside Dimension:
53.5 x 26 x 19

BF6030 Burgundy Gun Safe